Hachen 2016

The classtrip to Hachen

On Monday 9th May we arrived in the sports camp of Hachen at 11 am. Everybody was very happy and excited. The weather was very good.  Each group got a key to their houses and all groups’ houses had a different colour. My group had the colour red. We were very happy because the house was great. Me and my group went outside, chilled in the sun or we played games. Lunch was at 11.30 am. That was really yummy.   After 5 pm we had free time, so we decided to play beach volleyball.  The rule was that we had to be in our houses at 10 pm.IMG-20160509-WA0013

The next day we woke up at 7 am. Together we went to the canteen and had breakfast. The plan for today was jumping on the trampoline. It took us ten minutes to put up everything. We did this activity from 3 pm to 5 pm. It was a lot of fun but after all we were really tired. At 6 pm we had dinner and free time again.

On Wednesday we woke up at 7 am again. The activity for today was “Boldan”. The game was almost the same like “Brennball”. It took a lot of time and in the end it was boring. I didn’t like the activity, so I was happy when it ended. After that we had also time to talk to the teachers or to play something else.

Thursday was the most exciting day. After breakfast my friends and I had a water fight. It was actually a really unfair game although we still had a lot of fun. The next plan on that day was archery. It was new to me so at the beginning I had much fun but after some time I liked it a lot. I think this was the best activity of the whole trip.  At night there was a party in the disco. There was cool music and we could dance.

On Friday morning we had our last breakfast. At 10 am we took the bus and went back to Wenden.

To some up it was the best trip I’ve ever gone to! I think it was fabulous that we had so many sport activities on our schedule but we also had lots of free time. The food was also very tasty and I was quite sad when the trip was over.

Belrima Ademaj 7d

Hachen class trip


This article is about our class trip to Hachen.

Firstly, we met at the bus stop at school at half past 8.

Secondly, we drove to Hachen, we arrived at about half past 10.

Thirdly, we got the keys to our houses, they looked better as I thought.

At 11:45 am we had lunch. All in all I think the food was delicious, but sometimes I didn’t like it.About 4 pm my class had the first programme called ”Takeshi’s Castle”, it was ok, but I liked the other games more. In the afternoon we had the possibility to buy sweets like crisps at the small shop.

At about 10 pm we had to be in our houses, and we weren’t allowed to go out any more. On Tuesday we firstly had breakfast at 7:45 am. Secondly, we had the possibility to swim and make Zumba with other classes, both was cool. Thirdly, the boys in my class played baseball, and I think in the evening we had a barbecue.

On Wednesday we played a game called ”Stratego”. I think it was the best game we played, it is like catching the flag. I’m not sure if one of our indoor games were on Wednesday or Thursday, it was fun anyway. We built a climbing parkour with a huge swing.

On Thursday the girls in my class had ”self-defense”. It was interesting and at the same time embarrassing too because we had to be loud, but learned how to protect ourselves.

Finally we had our last programme ”trampoline”. We made two groups, a girl and one boy group. On the trampoline we had to jump in different styles, it was very cool. After that we had our last dinner in Hachen at about 17:45 pm.

On the next morning we brought back the bed linen to the laundry return and after  breakfast we made ourselves ready to drive back home.

So to sum up, I thought that it was a nice trip.

Tabea Wiegers, 7c